dENK01_H Y D R A Dalila Kayros & Claudio Milano

dEN Records proudly announces one brand new adventorous release to be hopefully out on SEPTEMBER / 2014, if the wind hopefully blows in the right way ! ! !

This contemporary vocal duo will be the first dEN Kontemporary release which will be a different tirature CD serie.

Two voices and their bodily singing. An instant composing performance that hugs, regenerates and cuts into pieces the whole sound spectrum.

Contemporary poet’s scripts made out of a profane taste dressed up with ritual mysticism.

From the pre-vocal to the Gregorian chant, madrigal and the new Opera vocality, passing by Jazz rhythm, metal aggressions and ethno emissions.

Primordial and futuristic as well.

A journey between elegy and anxiety.

H Y D R A Dalila Kayros & Claudio Milano Album Teaser