dEN017 SEC_ and dEN018 Rubik Erno 5tet OUT ON OCTOBER / 08

Here we are with the next releases to be out on October/08. Unfortunately the brand new NUTIMBRE “Cycles” album has been postponed and it’ll be released later this year.

The brand new SEC_ album “Outflow” is ready to hit the road on OCTOBER/08.
It has been produced in collaboration with the Israeli label Heart & Crossbone (

SEC_ will be busy touring from October/03 to October/15 together with Olivier Di Placido. here as follows the tourplan!


03.10.2013 @ Chez Damien, Maresille  FR
06.10.2013 @ Cave12, Geneve CH  (w/ Black Pus, NMO)
08.10.2013 @ Oslo10,  Basel CH (w/ NMO, Evol)
09.10.2013 @ Klubi, Zurich CH  (w/ NMO)
10.10.2013 @ Gaffer Fest  – Periscope, Lyon FR (w/ Dead Neanderthals&Colin Webster,  KNYST!,  N.Millevoi)
11.10.2013 @ Non-Jazz – Instants Chavirés, Paris FR
12.10.2013 @ L.M.R., Mulhouse, FR (w/ Micro_Penis)
13.10.2013 @ Hall Des Chars, Strasbourg, FR  (w/ NMO)
15.10.2013 @ Les Trinitaires, Metz FR  (w/ KK Null&The Noiser, Richard Francis)

We’re proud to have the chance to release this great live recording from the RUBIK ERNO 5tet
It’s difficult to hear interesting impro music around nowadays but this is one of those recordings you should definitely check!