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TITLE: Cycles

Glad to announce that after a long series of bad luck the brand new NUTIMBRE “Cycles” album is finally released.
It features Stefano Ferrian (alto saxophones), Vito Emanuele Galante (trumpet), Simone Quatrana (piano), Luca Pissavini (double bass) and Fabrizio Carriero (drums).
The musicians involved in the project recorded or played live with musicians like Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Michel Doneda etc and are part of important projects like RARA AVIS.
The new compositions mix different musical genres including Rock, Prog, Jazz, Impro and so on.
Make sure to get a copy NOW!!! 

TITLE: Telling Tales – Live At Jazzaj

Worthless to say that this is just a killer release featuring a live recording at the great JazzaJ concert serie.
Rubik Erno is a Budapest based musician really active in the Hungarian scene.
This records represent improvisation at its best with a special sound and original music.
We just loved this record at the first listen!

TITLE: Outflow

We’re just excited to welcome SEC_ in the dEN Records family with his new effort “Outflow”. This is a co-production with the Israeli cult label Heart & Crossbone.
SEC_ is one of the best italian electroacoustic musician, he collaborated with worldwide cutting edge artists and he’s also part of the RARA AVIS project already released through dEN Records.
“Outflow” is organized and structured noise! Make sure to get your copy!

TITLE: L’Enfant Et Le Mènure

dEN Records proudly announce a brand new release which is the first label co-production.

InSonar is a Claudio Milano project which features worldwide renowed musicians like Elliott Sharp, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastellotto, Walter Calloni, Ivan Cattaneo, Nik Turner, Dieter Moebius, Thomas Bloch, Ralph Carney, Dana Colley, Graham Clark, Nate Wooley, Mats Gustafsson, Paolo Tofani, Alfonso Santimone and many others.

It is a double CD release with a 48 pages booklet with a limited handnumbered packaging.

Make sure to get a copy now!

ARTIST: Dalila Kayros

Nuhk” is born and believe us . . . it’s such a great thing!
it’s the result of the artistical marriage between Dalila Kayros and Antonio Zitarelli (Mombu/Neo) who helped Dalila to explores the gloomy depths of her beloved homeland – Sardinia.
The result is simply superb and unique. She can gently weep, sing or shout unearthly laments keeping everything coherent with the musical effort which is pretty wide since it includes compositions and improvisation as well. Not less important the Antonio’s contribution on the arrangements.
The lyrics are written in the Sardinian dialect which gives to this work of art a unique touch.
Obscure traditions meets modern potions – memories of an old time that still smells of matriarchy.

TITLE: Mutations/Multicellulars Mutations

RARA AVIS was born on 2012 from a collaboration between Ken Vandermark (reeds) and Stefano Ferrian (saxophones).
It features some of the best and most active italian emerging musicians like Luca Pissavini (double bass), Simone Quatrana (piano) and SEC_ (revox, instant sound treatment).
It includes a bonus disc “Multicellulars Mutations” with duo/trio recordings.
Ken’s opinions regarding the project:
“I’m extremely excited about the group for a number of reasons: the band is a cooperative, without a designated leader, everyone’s ideas and playing caries equal weight; the Italian members of Rara Avis are part of a new generation of players who are very knowledgeable about contemporary developments in improvised and composed music; and the fields of sound the ensemble explores are unique in terms of texture, velocity, dynamics- the traditional hierarchies of what instrument is “melodic,” what instrument supplies “rhythm,” are so turned on their head and blurred that it is often impossible to identify the creative sources at work during a performance.”

ARTIST: Steve Swell/Andrew Raffo Dewar/Garrison Fewell
TITLE: Estuaries

Steve Swell is an active member of the NYC Music Community since ’75 and has toured or recorded with cutting edge musicians like Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor and mainstreamers like Buddy Rich and Lionel Hampton as well.
“Eastuaries” is a wonderful example of how great improvisers can shape the music and reveals that the only way to reach freedom is a total control of the music.
It features the argentinian composer and improviser Andrew Raffo Dewar on soprano saxophone and the great Garrison Fewell on guitar.

ARTIST: WhyOakTreeOh
TITLE: Here Nor There

WhyOakTreeOh is a monster trio featuring Lawrence Williams (saxophones, voice), Hock Erno (double bass, bass guitar) and Sàrvàri Kovàcs Zsolt (drums).
“Here Nor There” is powerful and spiritual, jazz and rock as well.
Wonderfully played and composed it’s the perfect choice for the open minded.

ARTIST: Nicola Lancerotti Quartet

Nicola Lancerotti is an italian double bass player based in Bruxelles. The brand new album“Skin” is a perfect example of balance between improvisation, structures and a wonderful thematic taste. It features Daniele Martini (tenor/soprano sax), Jordi Grognard (tenor sax, flute, clarinets) and Nelide Bandello (drums). 

Massimo Minardi (H)ope’N Space 5tet
Lost Copyright

Massimo Minardi is an important figure in the nowadays italian Jazz/improvisation scene. His brand new album “Lost Copyright” includes some of the best italian musicians in the likes of Dimitri Grechi Espinoza (saxophone, voice, piano), Luca Calabrese (trumpet), Stefano Solani (doublebass) and Filippo Monico (drums).
Elegant…mature and beautiful!!!

“[…] The dichotomously playful elegance of this music marks it out, I suspect, as distinctively Italian. As far as I’m aware, there’s no-one making music quite like this in either Britain or America […]“
(Tim Owen)

ARTIST: Double Tandem

It’s a great honour to welcome in the dEN Records family the DOUBLE TANDEM featuring Ken VandermarkAb Baars and Paal Nilssen-Love.
Their brand new album “OX”, which has been recorded live in concert during their powerful performance at Novara Jazz Winter Session on April/20. Simply Killer!

“[…] Beautifully recorded, OX is pretty damn essential […]“
(Tim Owen)

TITLE: Krakovia 

Raw Frame are Andrea Bolzoni (guitar), Salvatore Satta (bass) and Daniele Frati(drums).
The result is an elegant and melancholy kind of impro/jazz.

“[…]The guitarist’s rapport with his rhythm team is wonderfully eurythmic. The drummer is always busy, the bassist responsive and tuneful, the latter carrying both the pulse and the melody on “Special” while his partners mix fretboard frottage with percussive bustle […]”
(Tim Owen)

ARTIST: Mats Gustafsson/John Russell/Raymond Strid
TITLE: Birds

Mats Gustafsson on soprano/baritone saxophone, John Russell on guitar and Raymond Strid on drums recorded live at their performance at Hagen Festen 2011. No long description’s needed in this case, improvisation and timbrical research at its best!

“[…] All in all, truly a masterful meeting of excellent improvisers […]“
(Eyal Hareuveni)


An explosive mix of radical improvisation and original jazz compositions from the italy’s next generation of eclectic musicians. It features Stefano Ferrian on saxophones, Luca Pissavini on double bass (Demetrio Stratos and Porsche Jazz Competition winner), Vito Emanuele Galante (Porsche Jazz Competition winner), Fabrizio Carriero on drums and Simone Quatrana on piano.

“Overall this CD should appeal to fans of modern avant-garde jazz, as well as fans of clever deconstructionist music in general”

ARTIST: Claudio Guida / Marcello Testa ONE plus ONE
TITLE: Platform One

One Plus One is Claudio Guida on bari/tenor/alto/soprano saxophones and Marcello Testa on double bass. In other words two of the finest italian musicians to date.
They’re able to create one of the most interesting mix of composed music, improvisation, jazz, avantgarde and folk music around. A voyage into SOUND!

“Platform One’ is more then excellent. Long time ago since I heart a duo album that is so musically rich and convincing […] It left me flabbergasted at several moments. Certainly names to watch!”
“[…] There’s some brilliant music here dive into. Very recommended, possibly one of the best debuts of the year.”
(Jazz Alchemist)

ARTIST: Nido Workshop
TITLE: Nido Workshop

Nido Workshop is a collective of musicians who are working through an exchange/clash of ideas. All the sounds and compositions are inspired by the New Thing and Radical Improvisation, taking shape from the current Free Jazz developed in the sixties up to the Contemporary Music and European Improvisation.

“They produce intelligent and inspired music with unexpected twists and accents”

ARTIST: Claudio Milano, Erna Franssens
TITLE: Adython

A great collaboration between the Claudio Milano’s vocals pirouettes and the Erna Franssens lyrics. It features the collaborations of Attila Faravelli, Alfonso Santimone (winner of the InSound contest as best electronic musician) and Stefano Ferrian.
A unique blend of Dark Avantgarde and improvisation with instant sound treatment by Attila Faravelli on “L’Oracolo Di Delfi” and Alfonso Santimone on “Adython”. Liner notes by Arrington De Dionyso.

“This is art in capitals!”
(Jan Willem Broek) 

ARTIST: The Radiata 5tet
TITLE: Aurelia Aurita 

an interesting quintet born from the collaboration between Stefano Ferrian and Cecilia Quinteros a cello player based in Buenos Aires. Join forces in this album also Claudio Milano and Luca Pissavini, both winner of the Demetrio Stratos Prize with Nichelodeon, and Vito Emanuele Galante on Trumpet. Expect Avantgarde, Improvisation and some experiment in conduction of the higher level.

“The Radiata 5tet improvises with a big awareness of the full band, slowly developing pulses, breathing rhythms and tonal harmonies in a very organic and like I said breathing way of change”

ARTIST: stefano Ferrian’s dE-NOIZE Project
TITLE: CH#02 Lophophora

2nd chapter of the dE-NOIZE project this time based upon the Ghost Dance Movement and the subsequent Wounded Knee Creek Massacre by the US troops. An eclectic composition of over 30 minutes which gather improvisation, post rock, doom, progressive, avantgarde and electronic music.

“He brings a long trip of 34 minutes full of improvisations, ranging from hardcore industrial, avant-garde intriguing, dark drones, psychedelic trips, experimental post-rock and dark ambient […] Dangerously addictive”
(Jan Willem Broek)

ARTIST: stefano Ferrian’s dE-NOIZE Project

“a strong highlight of good and clear composing abilities which gives a real pleasure to listen”
(Hubert Napiórski)
“The album is a unique mix that a little ‘reminds me of some of the best solo work of Patton, Carbon Orchestra, Elliott Sharp and / or at least much of the Ipecac catalog”
(Andrea Ferraris)
“CH # 01 Amphetamine” (a piece in five parts) offers a creative blend of jazz, electronica, industrial, ambient, post rock and avant-garde”
(Siggy Zielinski)
“It is a work of orchestral proportions, composed by an eclectic mind”