dEN Records proudly announces three new releases to be out on APRIL/05 with a total re-designed awesome packaging!

dEN014_Steve Swell / Andrew Raffo Dewar / Garrison Fewell “Estuaries”
Steve Swell
 is an active member of the NYC Music Community since ’75 and has toured or recorded with cutting edge musicians like Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor and mainstreamers like Buddy Rich and Lionel Hampton as well.

No doubt about the fact that he’s one of the most important active trombonist on the scene.

“Eastuaries” is a wonderful example of how great improvisers can shape the music and reveals that the only way to reach freedom is a total control of the music.

It features the argentinian composer and improviser Andrew Raffo Dewar on soprano saxophone and the great Garrison Fewell on guitar.

dEN015_RARA AVIS “Mutations / Multicellulars Mutations”
 was born on 2012 from a collaboration between Ken Vandermark (reeds) andStefano Ferrian (saxophones). 
It features some of the best and most active italian emerging musicians like Luca Pissavini (double bass), Simone Quatrana (piano) and SEC_ (revox, instant sound treatment).

It includes a bonus disc “Multicellulars Mutations” which features duo/trio recording.

Ken’s opinions regarding the project:
“I’m extremely excited about the group for a number of reasons: the band is a cooperative, without a designated leader, everyone’s ideas and playing caries equal weight; the Italian members of Rara Avis are part of a new generation of players who are very knowledgeable about contemporary developments in improvised and composed music; and the fields of sound the ensemble explores are unique in terms of texture, velocity, dynamics- the traditional hierarchies of what instrument is “melodic,” what instrument supplies “rhythm,” are so turned on their head and blurred that it is often impossible to identify the creative sources at work during a performance.”

RARA AVIS will be on tour to support the release from APRIL/26 to MAY/08, following the tourplan:

26/04 @ Novara Jazz Winter, Novara [IT]
27/04 @ Leoncavallo, Milano [IT]
28/04 @ DobiaLab, Staranzano [IT]
29/04 @ Fluc, Wien [AT]
01/05 @ Klub Slavie, Ceske Budejovice [CZ]
02/05 @ Kabinet MùZ, Brno [CZ]
03/05 @ Divadlo29, Pardubice [CZ]
05/05 @ Klub Dragon, Poznan [PL]
06/05 @ Pardon ToTu, Warsaw [PL]
07/05 @ Klub Alchemia, Krakòw [PL]
08/05 @ Mika Tivadar, Budapest [HU]

dEN016_Dalila Kayros “Nuhk”
Nuhk” is born and believe us . . . it’s such a great thing!

it’s the result of the artistical marriage between Dalila Kayros and Antonio Zitarelli(Mombu/Neo) who helped Dalila to explores the gloomy depths of her beloved homeland – Sardinia.

The result is simply superb and unique. She can gently weep, sing or shout unearthly laments keeping everything coherent with the musical effort which is pretty wide since it includes compositions and improvisation as well. Not less important the Antonio’s contribution on the arrangements.

The lyrics are written in the Sardinian dialect which gives to this work of art a unique touch.

Obscure traditions meets modern potions – memories of an old time that still smells of matriarchy.

Dalila Kayros will present the new effort “Nuhk” live in concert on April / 05 at theNolebol Festival IV that will be held at the CSOA “La Strada” in Rome alongside acts in the likes of Fuzz Orchestra and Gronge.

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#11_dEN012 Nicola Lancerotti 4tet “Skin” and dEN013 WhyOakTreeOh “Here Nor There” to be released on JANUARY/20

It’s a great pleasure to announce a multiple release on January/20:

dEN012 Nicola Lancerotti Quartet “Skin”
Nicola Lancerotti is an italian double bass player based in Bruxelles. The brand new album “Skin” is a perfect example of balance between improvisation, structures and a wonderful thematic taste. It features Daniele Martini (tenor/soprano sax), Jordi Grognard (tenor sax, flute, clarinets) and Nelide Bandello (drums).
will be presented live on/at:

26th at the Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels, BE
28th at the Hot Club de Gand, Gent, BE
30th at the Jazz Station, Brussels, BE 

dEN013 WhyOakTreeOh “Here Nor There”
WhyOakTreeOh is a monster trio featuring Lawrence Williams (saxophones, voice), Hock Erno (double bass, bass guitar) and Sàrvàri Kovàcs Zsolt (drums).
“Here Nor There” is powerful and spiritual, jazz and rock as well.
Wonderfully played and composed it’s the perfect choice for the open minded.