#04_dEN008 Gustafsson/Russell/Strid “Birds” and Ferrian’s NUTIMBRE at UMBRIA JAZZ

den008_Mats Gustafsson, John Russell, Raymond Strid “Birds”
It’s a big pleasure for dEN Records to welcome some of the best musicians around of the worldwide improvisation scene in the label’s family.
This wonderful new recording from Mats Gustafsson (soprano/baritone sax), John Russell (guitar) and Raymond Strid (drums) will be out later this month. The official release date will be announced soon.
The recording features their performance at Hagen Festen 2011. Improvisation at the highest level.

Ferrian’s NUTIMBRE to perform at UMBRIA JAZZ 2012
Nutimbre has been selected to perform at this annual Umbria Jazz festival on July/13!!! It’s a great honour to have a dEN Records recording artist to one of the most important italian Jazz festival.
The performance will take place at Giardini Carducci in Perugia at 16.00 in the afternoon. They’ll present their latest effort “Risk” plus some new compositions as well.