dEN is DIY with a professional approach.

I decided to start mainly for selproduction issues but finally it turned out as a real production label.

We focus our activity on MUSIC with a special taste for Jazz/Impro and Avantgarde. Eclectic minds are appreciated.

dEN has a strong identity since the beginning. We have had designed our own original packaging made by the talented hands of Davide Soldarini.
We choose to deny all artworks and images in our projects because we realized that society is simply saturated by images in this era.

Beside the label activity, dEN is also a booking agency and, hopefully starting this spring, a Recording Studio based in San Bernardino, just few kilometers away from Novara – Italy.

DEMO POLICY : : : . . .

as a label we’re always interested to discover new musical pioneers.

*due to the big amount of proposal we receive every week please don’t mind if we cannot answer to everyone. In the case we’ll be interested in releasing your music we’re gonna get in touch in about 3 weeks.

For proposal just send an e-mail to sf [at] denrecords.eu