NEWS, SHOWS is the website dedicated to the science fiction, super natural, fantasy and reality shows and programs. It is basically the official website of the American cable television channel syfy. All the content, shows and programs of the syfy channel is available online free of cost. You can access to all the shows of the syfy channel in HD quality. This website was launched in 1995 with the name of “the dominion” but in 2000 the name changed to Syfy is among the large scale, publicly available and well advertised website on the internet. The general content of the website is based on science fiction stories. There are many awards won by the said website. Some of them are webby award, flash forward award, world fantasy awards, Theodore sturgeon award and nebula awards. Continue Reading

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PBS, expands to Public Broadcasting Service, is an America based non-profit channel. It is the most trusted channel in USA. Like any other channel, they broadcast news, entertainment, educational programs,technology and documentaries. They air programs for adults as well as the kid. Some PBS programs are provided by third party members and regional channels. They also have alliance with commercial channels for airing some programs. Continue Reading


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Tvone is a free live TV streaming website, which is an official website of tvone channel. Tvone live TV streaming website was launched in 2004 with the sole purpose of providing entertainment and newsworth listening. The viewer ship of this channel is growing leaps and bounds after the launching of the website. All African American can get entertained and enjoy the authentic experience of life stories by watching the live TV online. The view point of sitcoms, big studio movies, reality shows and news revolves around the African American perspective. Continue Reading

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Tbs stands for turner broadcasting system. Tbs website is the official website of the tbs channel that allows the viewers to watch comedy shows and programs online. You can watch live TV programming of the tbs channel without paying for it. If you are a working person and does not get time to watch your favorite comedy shows on TV at the exact time, here is the best option by visiting the tbs website. You can get online at any time as it is an open website that provides services 24/7. All your favorite shows of the tbs channels that include the big bang theory, the office, just for laugh Chicago and many more can be watched even after the show is over by browsing it on the website. Continue Reading


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dEN Records proudly announce 3 new CDs releases available from January/27 on
to place an order just write an e-mail to order[at]
Here as follows some details regarding the cds:
dEN002 stefano Ferrian’s dE-NOIZE “CH#02 Lophophora” _ 2nd chapter of the dE-NOIZE project this time based upon the Ghost Dance Movement and the subsequent Wounded Knee Creek Massacre by the US troops. An eclectic composition of over 30 minutes which gather improvisation, post rock, doom, progressive, avantgarde and electronic music.
…someone said regarding the last chapter […] It is a work of orchestral proportions, composed by an eclectic mind […] (
dEN003 The Radiata 5tet “Aurelia Aurita” _ an interesting quintet born from the collaboration between Stefano Ferrian and Cecilia Quinteros a cello player based in Buenos Aires. Join forces in this album also Claudio Milano and Luca Pissavini, both winner of the Demetrio Stratos Prize with Nichelodeon, and Vito Emanuele Galante on Trumpet. Expect Avantgarde, Improvisation and some experiment in conduction of the higher level.
dEN004 Claudio Milano, Erna Franssens aka Kasjanoova “Adython” _ A great collaboration between the Claudio Milano’s vocals pirouettes and the Erna Franssens lyrics. It features the collaborations of Attila Faravelli, Alfonso Santimone (winner of the InSound contest as best electronic musician) and Stefano Ferrian. A unique blend of Dark Avantgarde and improvisation with instant sound treatment by Attila Faravelli on “L’Oracolo Di Delfi” and Alfonso Santimone on “Adython”. Liner notes by Arrington De Dionyso.